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Friday Jan 12 Thru Sunday Jan 21

Created in 2011, Alaska Beer Week celebrates the depth and diversity of craft beer here in the Last Frontier–and, yes, in the midst of winter. AK Beer Week 2018 runs FRI JAN 12 thru SUN JAN 21 with craft beer-centric events held throughout this magnificent state. That’s TEN DAYS of CRAFT BEER. And, as you might expect, all sorts of creativity and fun will abound.

With now over 30 breweries and over 30 years under our beer belly belts, Alaska’s craft brewers are hitting the stage during the cold, dark days of January to showcase their finest wares. This is an exciting time of year that not only brings out year-round supportive, local beer afficianados but beer-seeking geeks from Outside. AK Beer Week boosts our winter economy with travel and hospitality dollars while also promoting this great state as a destination for craft beer–and all of the other local things involved in the enjoyment of craft beer: food, service, lodging, activities.

AK Beer Week’s Anchorage Kick-off Party will be hosted by Williwaw Social on THU JAN 11 from 7-10 pm. Doors open at 6:30 pm. $20 ticket gets you entry, AK Beer Week goblet, 2 beer tickets, festive beads and live music. Additional beers and food are pay as you go. We hope you’ll join us. We’ll brave the cold and revere the beer together!

AK BEER WEEK 2018 #akbeerweek
SUN JAN 12 thru FRI JAN 21

Check the CALENDAR on this web site for EVENTS in your part of the state. #akbeerweek #akcraftbeer

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For a full list of Brewers Guild of Alaska members: check out BREWERS GUILD of ALASKA.

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