noah sterngold

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Hi, I'm Noah. Welcome to my personal site! If you're here chances are you've been invited and already have my email, but in the off chance you don't feel free to 6362244302.

A little bit of context: I grew up in rural Pennsylvania and then went to Swarthmore College, a small school just outside of Philadelphia. I studied engineering (specializing in computer engineering) and economics while I was there, and I also played on the men's soccer team.

After college I moved to NYC and worked for four years at Goldman Sachs in its Investment Banking Division. I enjoyed my time there and learned an incredible amount, but over time I missed computer engineering more and more. I now plan to either attend graduate school or obtain a role in software engineering.

A few other things about myself: I love learning, soccer, sudoku, motorcycles, being outdoors, rationally breaking down complex problems, and finding simple solutions. I'm generally not a fan of soup (crucial exception being ramen), sodas, American sports teams that aren't based in Philadelphia, European soccer teams that aren't called Juventus, and pretending to be normal.

Feel free to check out some of my past work or my resume.